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John Bennet-Saviano
Educational Scholarship

The Knapp Burn Foundation was established to provide emotional, social and economic support to burn victims and their families, The Foundation desires to help students with tuition expenses by making funds available through the Knapp Burn Foundation - John Bennet-Saviano Educational Grant for $2000 per semester.

The Educational Grant program was originally funded with contributions in memory of John Bennet-Saviano. John was a one year old toddler who died of scald burns sustained in a bathtub accident.

The Educational Grant program is to assist qualifying students seeking a degree or to obtain other career training.


Click Here to download the

John Bennet-Saviano

Educational Scholarship!

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Must be a burn survivor.
  2. Must be 18 years or older.
  3. Must take 4 credit hours and maintain a minimum 2.5 G.P.A. (based on a 4.0 grade scale).

Applicant's Responsibilities and Understanding.

Submission checklist:
  1. proof of acceptance into an accredited institution,
  2. a statement of needs/reason to pursue training,
  3. a medical professional's statement (description of injuries, dates, medical care, and progress),
  4. a completed application form for each semester,
  5. any other information you consider pertinent.
  • Application deadlines are May 15th (spring semester), and October 31st (fall semester).
  • Award will be sent directly to school of choice, under both the school 's and student's name, and applicable toward schooling expenses only.
  • Dropping out of school or deliberate misapplication of monies converts any grants into loans to be repaid to the Knapp Burn Foundation.
  • Information gathered is considered private and will therefore remain private.

In compliance with these terms, click below for application.

John Bennett Saviano Educational Scholarship application (link to PDF)

Please print and submit completed application to:

     The Knapp Burn Foundation

     P.O. Box 1135

     Bloomington, IL  61702

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