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“I have always wanted to pursue a career where I get to help people and relate to them on a personal level, and I am about to realize that with the help of the Knapp Burn Foundation. 


The organization has been an incredible blessing in my life.  I am so thankful for your support for my education and for other burn survivors as well. 


I was burned severely at the age of seven in a kitchen accident, and because of the amazing care I received and the support around me, I decided to pursue a career in physical therapy.  Throughout undergraduate work and now attending a program to achieve my Physical Therapist Assistant degree and license, the Knapp Burn Foundation has been there for me. 


One of the biggest help from your organization is the aid received during unpaid internships.  These invaluable learning experiences would not be possible without some assistance.  I also appreciate the personal aspect and interest you have shown in my education and personal life.  You are always interested in what is new in my life, and quick to congratulate my accomplishments and encourage my journey to my career.  You have made the foundation like a family member, inspiring me to become better and pursue my dreams in a career in Physical Therapy.  With your help and support, I feel as if I can do anything that I set my mind to. 


Once a child not knowing if I could participate in athletics, now I have the ability to help fellow burn survivors, children, and other individuals in hospitals and outpatient clinics to have hope and pursue their own dreams as well!”



Jenny M.

Student Physical Therapist Assistant

“I really appreciate the educational grants I have received from the Knapp Burn Foundation.  I was burned about 3.5 years ago and returned to school just six short weeks after my accident.  


I am studying Recreational Therapy with a dream of helping those who cannot help themselves.  The foundation's generous gifts to me have helped alleviate a lot of financial burden while pursuing my academic dreams.  I am very appreciative to Rick, the foundation and those who support it.


Jamie S.


“I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for supporting me in my education.  The money I have generously been receiving through your scholarship has been put to great use in helping me to further my education and reach for my career goals.  I can never thank you enough ...


I am forever grateful for your kindness.  I am beyond excited to be attending ISU this semester to further my dream of becoming a special education teacher.  None of this would be possible without you.  Thank you!”


Samantha H.

“Thank you so much for again awarding me with the 'John Bennett-Saviano' Educational Grant' .  It is very helpful in aiding me in financing my education, and I really appreciate it!  This semester I am finishing my final classes at Illinois State University with a double major in therapeutic recreation and recreation management. 


This summer, I will complete my final internship and certify as both a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and Certified Park and Recreation Professional.  I look forward to working in the community and helping people with disabilities be successful.  Again, thank you for your continued support!


Chelsey K.

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