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Knapp Burn Foundation

Compression garment grants.

The Knapp Burn Foundation realizes the importance and usefullness of compression garments in the healing process and, in some cases, beyond. Therefore, we also offer compression garment financial assistance to those in need. These are not restricted to first time need: replacement garments and/or masks are also eligible.

The Knapp Burn Foundation Garment Grants form can be submitted by the patient, their family, a medical professional (doctor, therapist, social worker, etc.), or other associate. Grants are available for the actual garments (excluding the fitting), and will be made payable directly to the manufacturer.

After review and consideration, applicants will be notified of eligibility.

Information gathered is considered private and will remain private.

Please click the link below for the application.

Compression Garment Grant application

Please print and submit completed application to:

The Knapp Burn Foundation
P.O. Box 1135
Bloomington, Illinois 61702

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